Work Principles

From the book Self-Help Stuff That Works

by Adam Khan

Chapter 46
If you're bored, increase your challenge.
If you're stressed, increase your skill.

Chapter 47
Make a list and put it in order.

Chapter 48
Vividly imagine the completion of important tasks.

Chapter 49
Whatever happens, use it to accomplish your purpose.

Chapter 50
Rather than give up:
Get help,
tackle the obstacles one at a time,
and get some training.

Chapter 51
Keep your word.

Chapter 52
Assume extra effort is an investment
that returns to you with compound interest.

Chapter 53
Increase your ability to get along with people
and improve your disposition.

Chapter 54
To earn more respect:
Increase your competence,
use good manners,
and speak up rather than smolder.

Chapter 55
During a dull task, move faster
or listen to something.

Chapter 56
Find something you like to do that is needed and wanted.
Put more of it in your life.


Chapter 57
Listen to your own heart.
Don't let your music die with you.

Chapter 58
Just keep planting.

Chapter 59
When you notice your mind has wandered,
bring it back to the task at hand.

Chapter 60
Act more energetic.

Chapter 61
Use your own energy during your leisure time.

Chapter 62
To earn more money:
Increase your service, and continue to learn about
your work, good health, and people.

Chapter 63
To handle a troublemaker at work:
Do your work exceptionally well,
keep your integrity level high,
and stay in good communication with everyone else.

Chapter 64
Learn to like competition and compete with honor.

Chapter 65
Find a purpose you're enthusiastic about
and get to it.

Chapter 66
Decide how you want to act, and act that way.
Replace some of your TV time with game playing.
Ask yourself, "What can I take credit for?"
Think about what you want and try to make it happen.
Forbid something for the day.
Notice when you're drifting away from your own purposes, and then get back on track.
To increase your vocabulary: Look up words, listen to vocabulary tapes, and use vocabulary flash cards.
Get so engrossed in your work that you forget about everything else.

Make your life better by reading helpful books.
To read faster and increase your comprehension: Don't let your eyes regress, practice picking up speed, and take in more words at a time.
When you're working, try to burn calories.
Set standards and stick to them.
Treat your boss like a liege lord.
Notice something you appreciate and tell someone.
To solve a problem: Define the problem, list the causes, think up possible solutions, and pick the best one.
Slow down your movements once in awhile and pay attention.
To get your mind off your troubles and increase your feelings of self-worth: Get to work - keep it challenging, but not stressful.

Don't try to apply all these principles at once. Pick the one you think would most benefit you, read the chapter, write the principle on a card, and carry it with you. Try to apply it frequently for the next few weeks or months. Make it your theme.

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