Use What You Get

Chapter 49 of the book Self-Help Stuff That Works

by Adam Khan

I WAS AT A PUBLICITY SEMINAR recently and the speaker said something very useful. She suggested that when you do a TV interview, you decide beforehand what message you want to communicate to the viewers, and then, no matter what the interviewer asks you, make sure you answer with your message.

Of course you have to acknowledge the question somehow and make the transition to your answer smooth, but, she said, no matter what, you must stay on what you want to say and not get sidetracked by the interviewer.

She was an expert in her field and said this was good advice. Some interviewers are downright hostile. Even if they aren't, they often have a different purpose than you do for being there. So the question becomes: "Whose goal will be achieved? Yours or theirs?" Of course, if your two intentions are not wholly antagonistic, it is possible that both of you can be satisfied.

The same principle operates not only on TV interviews, but in regular life too. The first and most important principle is to know what you want. Know what you want. It doesn't mean you have to step all over everyone to get it. But your wishes are at least as valid as anyone else's, and from your perspective they are more valid than anyone else's. That's the way it ought to be.

So take whatever you get from the world - your circumstances, the people in your life and what they're trying to accomplish - and use it to accomplish your goals.

To do this you have to focus on what you intend to accomplish, and go after it like a hungry lion stalking her prey. No matter what happens, keep trying to accomplish your purpose. It takes some concentration and a little practice. But you'll be able to achieve your goals with more certainty. And you won't be drained as much by things unrelated to your purpose.

Your goals are honorable and valuable. Don't let them get shunted aside by pushy people or less-than-ideal circumstances. Take whatever the world presents to you and use it to accomplish your purpose. No matter what.

Whatever happens, use it to accomplish your purpose.

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