Where Can I Get Learning Disabilities Resources for Parents?

Find a comprehensive list of trusted learning disabilities resources and organizations for parents of a child with a learning disability, on HealthyPlace.

Learning disabilities resources are available so that no parent has to navigate the often-overwhelming world of learning disabilities alone. Here you’ll find learning disabilities organizations, discover information for working with the school system and special education, how to connect with other parents, and how to help and support your child at home. Click through these learning disabilities resources to find help.

Learning Disabilities Organizations

Learning Disabilities Association of America is a leading advocacy group which works to help people with learning disabilities thrive. The organization provides a wealth of articles that parents may find helpful. is a learning disabilities organization for parents of children with learning and attention problems and disorders. Understood is the combined forces of 15 non-profit organizations and thus has many resources and lots of information to offer parents for their children.

Center for Parent Information and Resources is the hub linking almost 100 parent centers nationwide. The hub itself has a plethora of information for parents of a child with a learning disability, such as articles and webinars, and from this hub you can locate parent centers near you.

While LD Online is directed primarily toward educators, parents can find helpful, relevant information here, too. Their LD topics page contains links to articles and resources designed for educators and parents for assisting children with learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities Parent Resources: General Information, Working with the School/Special Ed

LD/ADHD Basics is a collection of articles from Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) providing parents with practical information on learning disabilities in kids. Learn legal information, details about requesting a special education evaluation from the school, and general tips for parents.

Federation for Children with Special Needs (Parent Training and Information Center) assists parents in navigating the world of special education. You can use a call center to ask questions about special education, read related information, and even receive training regarding special education laws and procedures.

National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education provides learning disabilities resources to parents. It includes information on all disabilities, including learning disabilities, and gives parents needed information to deal with special education.

Top Resources for Supporting a Child with Learning Challenges is a collection of articles compiled by Scholastic and Understood. Find articles to deepen your understanding of your child with a learning disability.

Learning Disabilities Support Through Connection with Other Parents

Parent to Parent USA is an online resource and community with a growing physical presence throughout the US. Parents in the organization connect with parents just beginning to tread the path of learning disabilities (or other disabilities) with their child.

HelpGuide has information about learning disabilities and, especially, helping your child at home.

Find parents to connect with via online and local support groups for learning disabilities through the MeetUp service.

Learning disabilities resources for parents abound. Investigate what’s available to find exactly what you need for yourself and your child. Life with learning disabilities presents challenges, but they don’t have to stop your child or you as the parent. Equipped with information and support, you can thrive.

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