Mental Health Stigma Amongst Those With Mental Illness

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Mental Health Stigma Amongst Those With Mental Illness

Mental Health Stigma Amongst The Mentally IllYes, even those with a diagnosed mental illness engage in mental health stigma.

Maybe you have depression and have thought to yourself, "Thank goodness, I'm not Bipolar. Those people are really crazy!" Our guest blogger, Sandy Rosenblatt, has trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder), yet refused to write about trichophagia (eating hair), a symptom that some with trich experience. Why? She didn't want people to think she did "that".

Even our own mental health stigma blogger, Chris Curry, came forward recently to say he has stigmatizing thoughts (Even the Stigma Blogger Stigmatizes). Chris has battled major depression, addiction, anxiety and more and is a mental health and addiction counselor. Chris might be the last person you would think engages in mental health stigma.

Yet, it happens. Why? Because we're human. We compare ourselves to others. We rationalize our challenges in life. Occasionally, we all have these kinds of thoughts to one extent or another. But as Chris notes in the above story, it's important to be aware of your thoughts and take corrective action going forward and be a little bit better than we were yesterday.

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