Low Self-Esteem and Mental Illness

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Low Self-Esteem and Mental Illness: Part of the Package

In reading through adult ADHD blogger, Douglas Cootey's post on ADHD and low self-esteem this week, something he said really stood out for me:

"Not every adult who has ADHD will beat themselves up, but many of us have been scolded so often by society for underperforming that we've learned to scold ourselves. It's foolish and self-destructive, but then we humans specialize in being silly that way."

Mental health research shows that depression goes hand-in-hand with mental illness. I'll add another one to the list, low self-esteem. Several research studies refute claims that stigma is relatively inconsequential. In fact, studies suggest that stigma strongly influences the self-esteem of people who have mental illness. When, because you have a mental illness, you are repeatedly rejected as a friend, an employee, a neighbor, or an intimate partner and devalued as a person who is less trustworthy, less intelligent, and less competent, it's difficult to feel good about yourself and the situation you find yourself in.

In a 2003 study on the Relationship Between Low Self-Esteem and Psychiatric Diagnosis, the authors conclude that there is a vicious cycle between low self-esteem and psychiatric disorders. Low self-esteem makes individuals susceptible to develop psychiatric conditions, particularly depressive disorders, eating disorders, and substance use disorders. The occurrence of these disorders subsequently lowers self-esteem even further. When more than one psychiatric disorder is present, say the authors, then the effects on self-esteem are additive.

Unfortunately, stigma is a contributing factor to maintaining low self-esteem. Mental health professionals, therapists, will tell you it's never too late to build healthy, positive self-esteem. In some cases where the emotional hurt is deep or long lasting, it can take the help of a counselor or therapist to guide you through the process of learning to love yourself and realize what's unique and special about you. There's no instant fix though. It takes time and patience and being around people who are supportive and a positive influence to improve your self-esteem.

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