Leaving Abuse Isn't So Cut and Dry

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Leaving Abuse Isn't So Cut and Dry

"Why don't you just leave?!" That's the solution many offer up to those in abusive relationships. There are several reasons why women (and men) don't leave abusive relationships so easily.

  1. They hope the abuse will stop.
  2. Abuse is familiar. Being out there alone is unfamiliar.
  3. A loss of self. A loss of self-confidence.
  4. Guilt over breaking up the family structure.
  5. Threats by the abuser.
  6. Religious beliefs.

From the list above, you can see why leaving an abusive relationship can be a scary thing; especially considering the abuse victim is going from the known (even though it's bad) to the unknown (which could be worse).

That's why I think this two-part series from Kelly Holly, author of Verbal Abuse in Relationships blog, is so important. It provides insight to others in abusive relationships from someone who has been there.

Getting out in a safe and constructive manner can be difficult for some, unless they have support. That's the key – women and men who are being abused will need assistance, understanding and guidance in order to find freedom safely and recover.

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