Getting Through Tough Times

Before I started writing this post, I decided to take a big step in improving my confidence by enrolling in a business writing course. One reason for this decision was that school gave me a sense of purpose and hope for the future. I am not where I want to be career-wise. But knowing that I can use education for my future endeavors makes me feel better about myself. To discover what I learned from school and how it affected my confidence, continue reading this post.
During childhood, crying is an expected reaction to pain. Children do not know many other ways to express negative emotions. But as adults, most of us understand emotions and know how to handle them in public situations. Many adults are embarrassed to cry because they do not want to appear weak. However, crying does not deserve the bad reputation it has received. Crying can actually benefit us in many ways. To learn about three benefits of crying, continue reading this post.
Everyone has different ways of showing and receiving love. According to author Gary D. Chapman of "The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts," there are five main love languages: acts of service, positive affirmations, physical touch, gift-giving, and quality time. By understanding each love language, I was able to identify the methods that affect me the most. In this article, I will talk about all of the love languages and how they have helped me get through life's trials.
Seeking therapy for your mental health is a huge step in treatment. In order to reap the full benefits, you must trust your therapist and be honest. This might sound obvious, but it's worth emphasizing that trust and honesty won't always be easy. Here are five things to remember when you have a hard time trusting your therapist and being honest during your appointments.
Have you ever had a time when a negative intrusive thought made it difficult for you to focus on a task? If you only had the thought one time, it probably wasn't a huge deal. However, when a negative thought starts to occur more frequently, it can prevent you from doing your best work. Constant unwanted thoughts that disrupt your ability to do something are called intrusive thoughts. If you are struggling to deal with these thoughts, here are five coping strategies.
No matter how you feel about your job, work can be difficult some days. A work break can give you a chance to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. If your job's stress and demands cause you to feel down in the midst of a work break, there are many activities you can do to feel at ease and enjoy the time. Here are five ways to relax and recharge for the rest of your workday.
Everyone has different ways of dealing with anxiety and depression. Some people benefit most through intense physical exercise. Others find relief through social activities or creativity. Lately, I find that coloring helps me deal with anxiety and depression. To learn about why coloring improves my mental health, continue reading this post.
Mood tracking makes understanding your mood triggers or patterns and talking to mental health professionals easier. If you see a therapist, one of the questions they might ask you is how you would rate your level of anxiety and/or depression. Answering this question can be difficult, as moods change all the time. An effective way to rate your moods accurately is to track them every day.
I never realized how many mental health benefits of having a dog there were until I couldn't see my dog regularly. Once my ex and I broke up, I moved to an apartment where I couldn't have dogs. Now that I am moving out, I know having my dog is a must for my mental health. In this article, I will go over all of the mental health benefits of having a dog.
After 2020's anxiety-provoking events, it's a good time to share some reminders about new year resolutions. This coming year, however, some of the usual resolutions we set might be more challenging to achieve. For instance, many people have lost loved ones and/or employment during the pandemic. Increased stress levels and health issues might make it more difficult for people to stay active. If you struggle with new resolutions this year, here are four things to remember.