Mental Health Advice From a Tarot Reading

September 26, 2016 Becky Oberg

Recently I got mental health advice from a tarot reading. I'll be the first to admit I'm skeptical about tarot (Alternative Mental Health Information). But recently I got a reading that was empowering. The reading had three pieces of mental health advice I will share since they're good for everyone to know.

Protect Hearth and Home Is Good Mental Health Advice

The first bit of advice was to protect hearth and home. It is possible to be overly generous. I have problems with this--my boundaries are weak. I have trouble saying no. But it is okay to say no. You have to protect hearth and home.

Mental health advice comes from unusual sources at times. In this case, a tarot reading gave me mental health advice you can use, too. Take a look.Hearth and home is the heart of who you are. Guard it zealously. Treat it like a rare jewel, for that's exactly what you are. You don't deserve to have your boundaries violated every day. You have a right to say no. You have a right to your boundaries. You have a right to have your hearth and home respected.

When I was in the state hospital system, a video game gave me experience in setting boundaries. The Animal Crossing series is excellent for this, because the animals in the game can be very demanding. For example, an animal may want your rare furniture, or want you to run an errand, or visit you at six in the morning real world time. You can easily become a slave to the game, especially when the animals throw fits when you refuse. Saying no in the game helps you practice it for real life.

Another patient on my unit had trouble saying no, and everyone in the hospital knew it and would ask her for money. I drew up a form called "financial transfer form" and told her to use it whenever someone asked for money. Long story short, every time she pulled out the form, the petitioner changed their mind, and she got valuable experience in saying no.

It's okay to say no. Your recovery begins by setting boundaries.

More Mental Health Advice: Celebrate Your Achievements

The reading revealed I recently had a major achievement, which is true--Nortia Press published my second book. The reading also revealed I was not celebrating it, but was instead depressed about it. That's also true. Sometimes achieving a major goal comes with "top of the mountain" syndrome--you've climbed to the top of the mountain, so now what do you do? Enjoy the view.

You are a special person who deserves to be happy. You deserve to celebrate your achievements. You have come a long way, survived so much, accomplished your dream. It's time to celebrate. Acknowledge your struggle and your victory over it. Honor your limits and recognize transcending them.

Recovery involves an honest assessment of the obstacles and overcoming those obstacles. Don't take your recovery for granted. Celebrate it.

Everything Will Be Okay May Be the Best Mental Health Advice

My reading revealed what the reader called "the happily ever after card." While it did not indicate financial prosperity, it did indicate resolution of conflict and emotional well-being. Everything will be okay. It's not as big of a disaster as I think it is.

Conflict has a way of resolving itself when you make the effort to resolve it. It does get better. I used to be chronically suicidal--I've attempted it three times--but I found a reason to live (my nephews and niece). Recovery is real. It is possible to get better, even when you're written off as a hopeless case like I was. You can recover from deep wounds.

Sometimes it hurts to heal. That's the nature of wounds--they hurt first, then treatment starts, then recovery comes. It is possible for even the worst of us to heal.

So that's mental health advice from a tarot reading. What mental health advice have you received from unlikely sources?

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