Being in the Middle of a Family Meltdown

May 17, 2021 Alixzandria Paige

A family is comprised of a group of individuals, so it's no wonder there are going to be disagreements now and again. However, in my family, some disagreements have a way of becoming a family meltdown that can cause rifts and a lot of tension between all the members. Here is a guide to surviving a family meltdown.

How to Survive a Family Meltdown

  • Don't pick sides -- Everyone in my family has a story to tell, and I've heard a few sides between all the members. I can clearly tell that everyone is defending what they believe is correct, and some of them like to recruit allies that will argue for their side. To survive these kinds of family meltdowns, I never even consider picking a stance. Not only would picking a side quickly trigger my anxiety, but each of these individuals is someone that I love dearly, want to support, and don't want to turn into an enemy. 
  • Rise above it -- The family members that are part of these meltdowns can sometimes lose their heads in the heat of the argument. I find it's very helpful for the survival of the entire family to be the one who sees past it by acknowledging each of them as though nothing was going on. If they don't want to speak to each other and can't stop discussing how they've been wronged, a great way to get things back to normal is to act normal. I like to take individuals out to the movies or to the mall, get their minds off of any familial issues, talk about their interests and help them move on.
  • Offer forgiveness -- Let's face it, things between family members can get heated sometimes. When there is a disagreement between anyone, it is very common for mean words to be exchanged, and being part of the same family doesn't change this. When this phenomenon happens to me, I find it helpful to offer forgiveness right away. When things are said in the heat of the moment, they usually aren't true. I have a forgiving nature and find that the sooner my family knows that our behavior is in the past, the sooner we can go back to normal, which is my goal.

Differences of opinion can sometimes cause rifts in family dynamics. When this happens, I like to use three methods to get things back to normal. When an argument doesn't include me, I refrain from picking sides and rise above the tension. When this dysfunction does include me, I like to offer forgiveness to the people I love for quick healing. 

How do you guys like to solve family meltdowns? Leave your suggestions in the comments down below.

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Author: Alixzandria Paige

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Lizanne Corbit
May, 17 2021 at 9:46 pm

This is wonderful advice and something that everyone can make note of. Being in the middle of a family dilemma is never easy for anyone, but I love your suggestion (all of them) but especially offering forgiveness. This is one that we can all use a gentle reminder around.

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