Reduce Clutter for Better Mental Health

October 30, 2018 Morgan Meredith

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Reducing clutter improves mental health. Clutter can affect your mental health and get in the way of your blissful life. Reducing clutter by spending even 10 minutes each day organizing or cleaning can make a difference in your overall happiness and health. 

Reduce Clutter for Better Mental Health

Reducing clutter for your mental health, in any area (a table at home, a desk at work, the floor of your car, or even your bed), can remove a sense of overwhelm from that area. Spend just a few minutes every day to organize one area, and soon you’ll have a clean spot you’re proud of ("ADHD and Clutter: 5 Tips for Getting Organized"). That satisfaction will probably make you want to continue the trend, and soon you’ll have much more calm around you.

Make a Ritual of Reducing Clutter for Your Mental Health

If you make this clutter-removal practice a part of your mental health care, you’ll find that it can easily become a mental health ritual or regular part of your day. Paying attention to cleanliness can help you transition into various parts of your day: out of bed, starting the workday, ending the workday, beginning a meal, and more. 

Watch this video for some tips on reducing clutter for your mental health, starting with just a few minutes per day, and add more bliss to your life.

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Dr Musli Ferati
January, 17 2019 at 12:47 am

The habit of gathering necessary and unnecessary things around your personal living space introduces negative practice. So, it must clean clutter as much as could in order to improve personal, professional and social welfare. As you mention in your useful everyday cleaning and arrangement of your room or part of your room, such are the office desk present excellent starting point to improve mental and physical condition, as well. By me, as doctor overloading of life space with many things overstimulate our perception apparatus, overstraining in this manner overall mental and emotional health. This suggestion is exact for both : mental health and mental ill people. But some mental disorder, such are ADHD, mood disorders, OCD, personality disorder exhibit hard and pain experience among innate custom to gather things in living space. In consequence, let's clean properly our living space in order to reduce irritability of our sensible mental state, and not only it.

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