Create Routines for Depression Management that Work

December 13, 2017 Jennifer Smith

Routines are depression management tools that work. These examples of depression routines help me manage my symptoms and make life easier overall. Take a look.

Consistent routines for depression management work for me, so I've learned to make and then stick with different routines. When my home and life run smoothly, then it's easier for my mind to stay on an even keel as well. I've found that the time and energy it takes to create routines for my depression and overall mental health are worth the effort required; when you maintain these routines, you will save yourself from a great deal of stress and from the dreaded overwhelming feelings of depression that can leave you unmotivated and unable to do anything. These routines help me manage depression, and maybe they can help you as well.

Routines for Depression Make Things Easier

For many people with depression, myself included, simply getting out of bed in the morning is one of the most difficult things we'll do all day. To make this task less daunting, I've created some routines that make it easier to take this first step into the day.

First, I prepare for the next day before I go to bed each night. For example, my youngest child has significant, special needs and attends public school, so I pack her bags and lay out her clothes each night. My teenagers are home-schooled, and each of them has a notebook with a checklist of daily assignments that I prepare for them prior to going to bed at night. With these tasks already done, I know when I wake up that I don't have to be in a rush to prepare for school.

Also, after I put my youngest child on the bus and before I wake up my older children, I spend some quiet time alone each morning. I read and drink my coffee. This gives me a few minutes of peace before the hectic pace of the day begins, and it also motivates me to get out of bed because it's something I look forward to doing each morning.

Meal Planning Routines Keep Depression in Check

Deciding what to cook for meals and then having to grocery shop can be stressful and overwhelming, which can lead to worsening depression. I've created some helpful routines for depression management in this area, also. At the beginning of each week, I create a menu plan and grocery list. The menu plan lists breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day of the upcoming week. It also lists snacks as well. The menu is then posted on the refrigerator. This way, we all know what's for dinner for the whole week.

I create my grocery list at the same time I create my menu; that makes it easy to check ingredients and be sure that I have (or buy) everything I need. To make it even less stressful, I shop online and then pick up my groceries. I don't even have to go inside the store. For me, as a person with depression, creating this menu and grocery routine has been a lifesaver.

A Relaxing Nighttime Routine for Depression

Finding a relaxing nighttime routine is also an important part of managing my depression. I try to stop using all electronics one hour before bed. Sometimes I'll take a warm bath or shower at night. I usually read prior to going to sleep. Getting a good night's sleep and finding ways to quiet our minds and leave behind the noise and stresses of the day is integral to our depression management.

How have routines helped you manage depression? What kinds of routines do you have in place? Find out more about my routines for depression management by watching this video.

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Very helpful tips. Thank you.

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You're welcome, Tiffany. I hope these routines will help you have a productive new year.

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