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My name is Geralyn and I’m the new author of Bipolar Vida. Living with bipolar disorder certainly has its challenges. I’m a clinician, writer, advocate, idealist and doctoral student. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to share some of my personal bipolar experiences and nuggets of wisdom with you.
Cristina describes what it's like to be in a hypomanic episode. Watch this bipolar video on hypomania.
The road is hard to ride on, but it gets easier as you go along. In this video on bipolar disorder treatment and recovery, join me as I update you on my progress to bipolar wellness.
I’ve heard from others that they think their bipolar disorder is a blessing. I once scoffed at them. How could being bipolar be a blessing? One has to be constantly on the warpath to make sure that bipolar disorder doesn’t nip one in the bud. But I have to say that I’m rethinking my original idea. Being bipolar has led me on a spectacular journey. I've learned that I am not perfect, nor was I ever perfect before the bipolar diagnosis. I’ve learned that bipolar is not the essence of myself and it no longer controls me. Me and bipolar--we've come a long way together.
In this video, learn how meditation is helping Cristina with her bipolar disorder. Can meditation help you better cope with bipolar?
In this video, Bipolar Vida blogger, Cristina Fender, shares how stigma of mental illness and living with bipolar disorder have effected her life.  You can watch the video interview with Cristina on this page.
At this past appointment, my psychiatric nurse offered to add another 300 mg of Lithium to my bipolar medication cocktail. She wrote me out a prescription and I accepted it tentatively. Do I want to be more medicated? Do I want the side effect of shakes to return? What am I doing?
Cristina Fender, diagnosed with Bipolar I in 2006, is a wife and a mother raising two young girls in Texas.  Her oldest is six going on thirteen and is obsessed with Twilight. Her youngest is two going on zero since she prefers to be the baby of the family and is currently refusing to use the potty like a big girl. Cristina spends most of her time chasing around kids and picking up after them while dealing with bipolar symptoms. This award-winning blog, Bipolar Vida, features a journal of her life and how bipolar effects how she lives her life.