Health Insurance Anxiety--Minding the Gap

December 18, 2017 Cheryl Slavin

My health insurance anxiety is peaking because I can no longer afford insurance. I'm terrified. I have three anxiety disorders. What am I supposed to do now?

My anxiety over health insurance since my divorce 15 months ago, is increasing daily. While married, I was covered as a dependent under Tricare, the military’s insurance. When I moved to Idaho and eventually divorced, I found myself in what is called "the gap" in Idaho's health care coverage.1 It is a hole in Idaho’s health insurance plan where thousands of Idahoans do not have affordable access to healthcare coverage. Because my daughter is on her father’s insurance, I am not eligible for Medicaid. As it stands, I receive no tax credit for insurance because of my income bracket. Therefore, affordable rates for health insurance aren't available to me. I need anxiety treatment, and this anxiety over health insurance is not helping.

Health Insurance Anxiety Is Real

A few nights ago, I discovered that I would not have enough money to cover next year’s initial health insurance premium. In addition to already being expensive, the premium has gone up significantly since last year. Though I work over 40 hours a week at a temporary job, I can barely keep up with my bills. I currently pay as much for rent as I do for health insurance.

I need the health insurance to cover medications that are vital to my wellbeing. Without it, I fear my anxiety disorders will become unmanageable. My anxiety about health insurance is now at an all-time peak because I was forced to cancel next year’s health insurance coverage.

Below, I discuss some of my thoughts regarding anxiety about health insurance, and my impending lack thereof.


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