Adult ADHD

One hallmark symptom of ADHD is restless fidgeting. Ever feel as if each limb is crackling with busy energy, almost as if you might explode unless you MOVE THAT VERY SECOND? Here are five four things I do to release that energy constructively.
I am currently experiencing low self-esteem in my parenting skills. You see, I'm as punctual as an IRS refund with the soft temperament of a charging rhino and the understanding of a sensitive brick. Add it all up and I don't feel I'm doing so well as a Dad. But am I really doing so badly, or am I just being down on myself?  For some reason, making mistakes all the time affects the ADHD adult's self-esteem. Who knew?
Forget that a symptom of adult ADHD is 'inaccurate self-observation.' I'm not buying it. Truly, nobody likes me. It's not that they tell me so, but I just know, you know? I realize that over 900 people follow me on Twitter, a few thousand people read my two blogs every month, and I have friends who travel 60 minutes every Saturday just to spend time with me, but none of that matters. Because I KNOW . . . I have heard that people with ADHD have inaccurate self-observation, but my observation here is based on hard perceptions. Not facts, no, but a perceived slight is every bit as good as a fact, isn’t it? Maybe not (Adult ADD, ADHD Symptoms and Their Impact).
ADHD runs through a family tree like a clown car in a china shop. What ADHD tales do you have from your family tree?
If you have ADHD, then you are probably well aware of your mind's ability to hyperfocus on absolute wastes of time. You may even specialize in it, wasting time with such flare that your unemployed friends marvel at you. Video games are my weakness. I usually avoid them, but occasionally I get sucked in and have to turn to drastic measures to pull myself out.
I have to admit that I completely failed to stay upbeat and positive. All I could think was "When will this end‽" It always ends, like a passing storm in the night. Terrible while overhead, but soon forgotten in the beautiful morning that follows. My "morning" started at 7:15pm Thursday night.
Email can become confusing and overwhelming for the adult with ADHD. So many distractions and noise—a veritable Pandora's Box. Today I discuss my system to get on top of the inbox.
Everyone gets buried in email, especially the disorganized, but is there a way to get back on top without abandoning email entirely?
There was a time when my wife didn't send me out to the store. I couldn't be trusted not to get lost for two hours in the magazine section. All those glossy covers with their reams and reams of scintillating prose… Some of them didn't even have bathing suit beauties. Ah, the blissful halcyon days of the early 90s before I discovered the Internet. But surely there was a way to shop without getting lost.
An ADHD meltdown isn't pretty, but it happens. Not often for me, and yesterday was not normal. But I had so much to do and my ADHD brain kept sabotaging me. I usually laugh to keep my spirits up, but yesterday I had an adlut ADHD meltdown instead.