Adult ADHD

"It didn't matter to me that you had it, it was just who you were." ADHD can be hard on a relationship, but love truly does conquer all.
One aspect of hyperfocus in ADHD that I've not heard mentioned much is the inability to shift gears, or in other words, adapt to the flow when things change. You would think that an adult with ADHD would have spontaneity in the bag, but that golden attribute of ADHD impulsiveness is hampered when ADHD's hyperfocus mode is engaged.
A reader asks "How do I stop myself from making social gaffes?" Good question. I've got three solutions for you.
If you struggle with ADHD and insomnia, then you may be able to relate to my pain. I'm a raving night zombie, but I've come up with a plan to help me break the chain. Now, if only I would follow it.
Maybe because I was once diagnosed with minimal brain dysfunction, I don’t find the newer label of ADHD so bad. MBD sounds like something the cast of Monty Python and the Flying Circus came up with. ADHD on the other hand sounds somewhat more descriptive and less post lobotomy-ish. This is why I was so surprised to encounter somebody yesterday so embarrassed by the ADHD label, they censored me. Is someone else's ADHD self-stigma something I need to better understand?
Last week I set a goal to target one bad ADHD habit (forgetting to eat) and set so many timers against it that the odds of success would be in my favor. Let's see how I did.
Is it really true that it is better to be late than to never arrive? In my experience with ADHD and tardiness, I'd have to disagree. I say it's better to never arrive and claim some horrible calamity had befallen you than to arrive late. They're more likely to forgive you.
It never ceases to amaze me how such a simple thing as a timer or alarm can snatch me away from the very jaws of feeling like a failure in ADHD. It also amazes me how often I forget to use that simple device and end up as Failure's lunch.
One aspect of ADHD that I have by the caseload is forgetfulness. I may not be able to count on my memory, but I can count on forgetting. Unfortunately, I can't count that high. I keep forgetting what number I'm on.
We make the stupidest mistakes in loud and humiliating ways. Who could be surprised that ADHD leads to insecurity? Although I didn't dispute it, I also thought that ADHD had been responsible for helping me overcome insecurity as well. How?