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Question about finding the right treatment for anxiety and panic and reaction to medications.Q.In the last few days, I have begun having panic attacks. Anytime I am alone, I begin to worry and have to get out of the house and be with people. At night, I begin wondering if my heart is beating too fast, my pulse is not strong enough, etc. I have had a reaction to over-the-counter medication that I believe brought on the first reaction and has caused a ringing in my ear. Would the ringing in my ear be triggering the panic attacks?

A. Many people find that the ringing in the ears, as well as other sensory changes, eg. sensitivity to light, sound, etc. can be a precursor to the panic attack. Many of these symptoms are associated with an overall symptom known as Dissociation. People can tend to have these symptoms and then have the panic attack. There is a link between the two; that is, dissociation and panic attacks and research is currently looking at this link. Some say it is a change of consciousness which is triggering the panic attacks.

So, yes, this is common. Many people then go on to use this symptom to say ...OK I am experiencing this, let's start working on the techniques to let go of the panic attack. It can be used in recovery.

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