Electrical Surges

I feel electrical surges, sometimes accompanied by a panic attack, other by itself. What are these electrical surge sensations from my arm to my chest.Q: I have a question concerning "electrical surges." I have experienced spontaneous panic attacks and one symptom of the attacks is an electrical surge which moves through my left arm and through my chest. I am able to accept this as a symptom of my attacks, but sometimes I feel this sensation without experiencing an attack. The electrical tingling will continue for hours sometimes. Also, with increased stimulation (exercise, strong emotion, etc.) the sensation intensifies. I have had numerous tests done (blood tests, EKG's, etc.) and my doctor has found no physical problems. Can you give me any information concerning these sensations?

A: We have been looking at this and allied symptoms for a long time. The closest we have come is to refer people to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner for massage and/or acupuncture. But we do emphasise make sure it is someone who has either trained in China or has been practising TCM for quite a number of years. If we look across cultures TCM understands these symptoms in a way our Western Medicine doesn't. (but you still have to work with your thinking as well!)

It is interesting to note, people who have the electrical sensations also have a left hand sided weakness which does ultimately disappear over time. Something never mentioned in the literature.

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