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An Inspirational Message, for sufferers, survivors of anxiety disorders, panic disorders, phobias. Expert information, panic, anxiety, phobias support groups, chat, journals, and support lists.I want to share with everyone a wonderful email I received from a dear friend. It would be wonderful if everyone had friends as kind and caring as my friend Michael. He has given me so much of his wisdom and inspiration. I asked Michael if I could share with others, the words of wisdom and encouragement, that he so kindly has given to me. He kindly and graciously accepted my offer.

Dear Christine,

Thank you once again for keeping us informed of your progress. I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit of depression of late, but know that this is to be expected and it too shall pass. We shall keep you in our prayers and continue to send you distant healing.

I will leave you now with these words. I ask you to remember that when all may seem lost, that leaves all to be found ...

The smallest candle of light can make the biggest difference in the darkest of places.

When you have "one of those days" where everything seems to be going wrong, and you are feeling down, depressed, and unfulfilled, ask yourself this:

What does Christopher Reeve, paralyzed (for life??), who is happy, confident, and has meaning to his life, what does he have that I do not have in my down and depressed state?

The answer, of course, is that he has a sense of Purpose and Hope. On the other hand, those that are unable to cope with depression is because they have no sense of Hope ... because they cannot see their Purpose in life. The Purpose is there, yet it cannot be seen. This doesn't mean that they are weak nor any less of a person, just someone who has temporarily wandered off their path to Purpose, and momentarily can't see their way out of the forest.

For this reason, it important that we try to focus our attention on the positive. Positive action destroys the thoughts of despair that depression brings forth. This is true just as deciding to walk in an unknown forest until you find the pathway out, destroys the hopelessness of being lost.

Those in a "state of depression" need Hope. And Hope can be created by taking action and finding one's Purpose in life. Action will lead to Hope ... for in every loss there is a gain. In every negative, there is a positive. If you seek the positive in any situation, you will find it ... It doesn't matter where you are now on life's happiness scale, be it at 0 (worst) or 10 (best).

The important thing which matters is that you are trying to grow and reach your goals. I commend you for the positive attitude that I have observed in your words. If you commit and try long enough, trust me, you will succeed. Welcome and invite the really tough times because these are the times that will expose who we really are ... we will learn the most about ourselves, life, and others ... it will provide us the most opportunity and leverage to change and grow the most.

Also know that two things to be depressed about can be canceled out by one act of kindness. The positive power of giving and kindness is stronger than the power of depression. If you can make yourself open your eyes and your mind during the really tough times, you will see and understand the tremendous value and insight these "down" times really offer us.

With that I send you many blessings for better days ahead.

Love & Light,

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