On Climbing

Two months ago, I lost a dear friend to cancer and it led me to think about the journey of the spirit that I was taken on through out the process of both the cancer and the spirit taking over my friend's life. Every day I went to see her, I would be brought back to the peace and calm of her journey until it enveloped me. Suddenly, my children were next to perfect gifts and my life was a walking dream.

I am so fortunate to have this incredible sunshine to always follow me, and it really made me wonder how a woman could give to me the gift of this incredible experience as she slowly withered and shrunk before my eyes. So large was her faith that it enveloped and surrounded me til one day it took over and I was able to deal with singing in the choir at her funeral and planning her luncheon afterwards. It was not until recently that I managed to see that each person we encounter leads us into a special and wonderful space all its own and that we are specifically chosen to go there.

As I now meet each person in my life, I am finding that they are there to enhance mine and I am seeing a whole new world. I pray this stays with me always, and that I can give back what I have received. I am so grateful to my friend for sharing with me how to grieve and what to do for myself in that. Your sight feeds and offers more of this to all who read it. Thank you for your insight, quotes and ability to reach. Also, there is a special place in this confused and crazy world for someone who can minister to the spiritually seeking and needy alike.

Written by Patti Dragland

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