BirthQuake: Journey to Wholeness Table of Contents

"BirthQuake is one of those rare audiobooks read and written by a Psychotherapist that not only enlightens, inspires and comforts; it befriends and embraces the reader. It is the culmination of the author's many years of research, clinical experience and perhaps most importantly her own critical life lessons. Here is a book for anyone who has ever struggled or stands anxiously at a crossroad."


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Birthquake: Journey to Wholeness

Read excerpts of an interview with Dru Hamilton at Book Talk about BirthQuake: The Journey to Wholeness.

Read an article by Sara Barnes, LISW-CP, entitled "Turn, Turn, Turn" that addresses the quakes in our lives and how they might serve to place us on a transformative path.

Listen to an interview with Tammie Fowles and Deborah Harper founder of who talks about her own BirthQuake process. MP3 File


REVIEW:"EXTRAORDINARY! I began this book with trepidation believing it would be another salve for the wounded spirit which might touch a little insight here and there, but basically result in little or no real help. I was wrong! There are so many books which boast help for those going through a divorce, the emotional upheaval after the loss of parents, the victims of crimes, the disenchanted, the depressed, the loveless, and the dispirited. Birthquake is a working book which guides you through your crisis, whether you are coming out, going in, or just living the results of the crisis.

Well documented with the research and work of the most notable psychologists, Fowles applies her science to life experience (her own and others'). The result is help of the most useful kind in dealing with change, whether it is change we have chosen or change that was forced upon us.

Easy to follow, Fowles' voice lends itself well to tape, there are no distractions, the occasional male voice is welcome and tonally pleasant requiring no change in volume. I found the four tapes easy to break into sessions and would highly recommend the book to a study group or to almost any individual." (Gale Marrs, "Audiobook Review)

REVIEW: "BirthQuake by Tammie Fowles is the most satisfying reading I have yet seen in the field of psychotherapy. When you think of BirthQuake, think of an earthquake. Dr. Fowles uses the term to describe what happens to people when they come face to face with what they believe is unfaceable. The anecdote in the book will bring tears of joy, grief, and spiritual confirmation to your eyes. " (Earl H. Roberts, TaleWins)

REVIEW:"The author of this fascinating new book suggests that the stresses and contradictions of our culture have brought us individually and collectively to a turning point. From her own experiences and those of others, Tammie Fowles creates a roadmap for understanding both our personal crises and their significance. She shows how they can become catalysts to infuse our lives and perhaps, our culture, with meaning and wholeness." (Greensense)

REVIEW: "As I experience my own BirthQuake, listening to the Birthquake tapes made me feel comforted. I found them inspirational and fascinating and have listened to them several times. The tapes are helping me realize that it only takes a slight shift in direction to begin to change my life; that I am writing my life story with every single day. Through the insights offered on the tapes, I am beginning to believe that my life is built upon layers of everyday accomplishments. By believing this, setting goals and taking small risks is becoming nothing more than a daily striving to make my life better. The BirthQuake series is helping me to do that. I highly recommend them - they should be required listening for every baby boomer!" (Cindy Widdoss, Columbia)

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