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Complaint Compunctions

It might be a good idea to post this one at work. Help end the popular hobby of negative venting.
The Bad Apples One chapter that Dale Carnegie left out of his classic book on Winning Friends was how to deal with people who don't want things to work.

Confidence With People

Many people lack confidence when first getting to know someone, especially someone of the opposite sex. Find out what you can do to increase your feelings of confidence.

Your Inner Guide to Self-Esteem

The desire to increase your child's self-esteem is good; but make sure you're using a method that won't make the child a social outcast.

How to Have More Life in Your Time

Here is a simple thing you can do to have more walks at sunset, more good conversations with people you love, and more life in the time you have.

Here Comes the Judge

Cure yourself of one of the barriers you keep between you and other people.

Attitudes and Kin

Here's what to do when someone in your family brings you down.

The Power of Listening

The finest and most productive of all "spiritual" disciplines.

The Conflict of Honesty

How to deal with the discomfort of conflict that honesty can create.

Too Polite?

Does it seem like the wishes of others get more of your attention than you're own wishes? Maybe you're too polite.


Honesty is an extremely important practice in an intimate relationship.

Make Your Own Labels

The way you dress and talk, your posture and attitude tells other people who you are and how they should treat you.

Play Yourself Down

Read this carefully if you are getting more criticism than you feel is justified.

How to Avoid Feeling Socially Awkward

At parties or meeting new people, it is common to feel uncomfortable and awkward. Here is a way out of that discomfort.

How to Find a Lifemate

If you're single and want to find someone with whom you can spend your life happily, this is the chapter for you.

Necessary Conflict

How your children turn out is largely up to you. Here is a key principle for child raising.


One way to raise your child's self-esteem will result in your child's depression later in life. Find out how to avoid that.

Elicit Your Own Acknowledgement

Do you feel that you're not getting enough appreciation for your good efforts? This is the chapter for you.

Refuse to Flinch

If you think you're shy, or if you would like to be bolder or more comfortable around people, check this out.

Forging Mettle

Friendship and trustworthiness are two fundamentals to a life well-lived. Discover the principles to achieve these golden rewards.

Very Impressive

Why is it important to make a good impression? Because human brains aren't perfect and are biased by our earliest conclusions.


Expressing anger has a good reputation. Too bad. Anger is one of the most destructive emotions we experience, and its expression is dangerous to our relationships.


How to be here now. This is mindfulness from the East applied to reality in the West.

Send a Blessing

There may be evidence that prayer may actually have medical benefits, even if the prayed-for doesn't know it's happening.

Personality Myth

It is unnecessarily limiting to label yourself shy, outgoing, Aries, Taurus, strong, weak, or any other label. Be your true, flexible self and you'll be better off.

How You Measure Up

Comparisons are natural. Indeed, you can't really help it. But you can direct it in a way that enhances your relationships, even making you feel better about people you haven't even met yet.

To Zip or Not to Zip

Would you like to improve your ability to connect with people? Would you like to be a more complete listener? Check this out.

Is That Clear?

If you are a manager or a parent, here's how to prevent people from misunderstanding you. Here's how to make sure things get done the way you want.

We're Family

Most the people in the world are strangers to you. Here's how to increase your feeling of connectedness to those strangers.

Suggestive Moves

You can make the world go more the way you want by following this simple suggestion.

Take the Sting Out

Is it necessary to criticize people? Is there a way to avoid the pain involved?

How to Melt Hard Feelings

If you have hard feelings between you and another person, you ought to read this.

How to Be Close to Your Friends

Close friends are probably the most important contributor to your lifetime's happiness and your health.

The Power of a Poker Face

Being able to express your feelings is an important part of intimate communication. But there are times and places where the ability to mask your feelings is important too.

How to Get What You Want From Others

Here's how to create a spirit of willing cooperation in the people you work with and live with.

Right Makes Might

What you think about someone else tends to influence them and it alters what you see about them. Take control of this important function of your mind and your relationships will improve.



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