Is There a Natural Cure for Bipolar Disorder?

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Many people want to know if there’s a cure for bipolar depression and, more specifically, if there is a natural cure for bipolar disorder. This is understandable as those with bipolar disorder can suffer a lot and some modern medicines can have arduous side effects (Antipsychotic Medication Side-effects). A lot of the answer to these questions, though, depends on how you define “natural” and “cure.”

What Is a ‘Natural Cure’ for Bipolar Disorder?

According to, “cure” is defined as: “a method or course of remedial treatment, as for disease.”

In other words, if a treatment makes you healthy again, it is a “cure.” In that way, some people are “cured” of bipolar disorder.

When looking at “natural” cures, it’s important to know that “natural” is defined as “existing or formed by nature.” Thus, a “natural cure” is a bipolar treatment that was formed by nature.

A Natural Cure for Bipolar Disorder – Does It Exist?

The closest thing to a natural cure for bipolar disorder is the drug lithium. While some might argue it isn’t “natural,” this isn’t true. Lithium is a salt that was found in the ground many decades ago. While the version that a person with bipolar takes may be purified in a lab, it is still “natural” in that it is formed by nature.

The version of lithium used in the treatment of bipolar disorder is lithium carbonate while lithium citrate is also used in pharmacological treatments. Lithium, itself, is extracted from primarily two sources: pegmatite crystals and lithium salt from brine pools. Lithium carbonate is then generated by combining lithium peroxide with carbon dioxide.

While some people with bipolar disorder do find lithium to be extremely useful in treatment, many people do not. In other words, lithium is not a sure-fire cure, but rather one option for treatment.

What About Lithium Orotate as a Natural Cure for Bipolar Disorder?

Lithium orotate is something some people take instead of prescription lithium carbonate. It is available over the counter and is very low-dose lithium. That said, no study has shown that it has any effect on bipolar disorder. (Lithium orotate, however, has shown some preliminary promise in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.)

It’s important to note that any version of lithium can damage kidneys and whether lithium orotate is more or less dangerous is a complete unknown as it hasn’t been studied. This means that even if one chooses to take the over-the-counter supplement, one must get his or her kidneys checked by a doctor to ensure no damage occurs and treatment with this supplement should be overseen by a doctor in its entirety.

Other Natural Cures for Bipolar Disorder

Unfortunately, anything else naturally occurring has only been studied when used in conjunction with traditional treatment. It is highly unlikely that any of these options would be a “cure” but rather a useful add-on to conventional bipolar treatment.

For more on these types of natural options, see:

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