Do Real, Natural Bipolar Medications Even Exist?

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Natural bipolar medications do exist but some don’t work for most people with bipolar disorder and they may not be as effective as prescription bipolar medications.

People often have trouble with pharmacological options for the treatment of bipolar disorder. This trouble might include a lack of efficacy or burdensome side effects of bipolar medications. There is both good and bad news when considering the existence of natural bipolar medications.

A Natural Bipolar Medication that Works

Medicine has known for decades that lithium – a naturally derived salt – effectively acts as a bipolar medication. While some complain about lithium due to its side effects, which are real and can be bothersome, lithium is still one of the most effective bipolar medications.

According to Jim Phelps MD,

“Lithium is still the best researched medication for this condition; no other medication has been shown to be superior in controlling depression, suicidal thoughts, or long-term mood stability. It also has been shown to decrease anger and sudden impulse decisions in people who do not have bipolar disorder.”

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Other Natural Bipolar Medications

There are some other substances like omega-3 fatty acids and n-acetylcysteine (NAC) that have been tested and are useful natural, bipolar treatments. However, these treatments have only been tested alongside traditional bipolar medications (meaning test subjects are taking bipolar medications and these natural bipolar treatments at the same time).

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