Depression Quiz

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This 16-question depression quiz (Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology) can help identify common symptoms of depression and their severity and help you determine if you need treatment for depression. It was developed by John Rush, MD, a leading psychiatrist from the University of Texas Medical Center.

After you complete this online depression quiz, click the "score" button and the results will appear just below that. You can also print your completed depression screening test to discuss the results with your doctor.

1. Falling Asleep:
2. Sleep During the Night:
3. Waking Up Too Early:
4. Sleeping Too Much:
5. Feeling Sad:
6. Decreased Appetite:
7. Increased Appetite:
8. Decreased Weight (Within the Last Two Weeks):
9. Increased Weight (Within the Last Two Weeks):
10. Concentration/Decision Making:
11. View of Myself:
12. Thoughts of Death or Suicide:
13. General Interest:
14. Energy Level:
15. Feeling Slowed Down:
16. Feeling Restless: