Famous People with Histrionic Personality Disorder

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There are quite a few famous people with histrionic personality disorder. One of the most notable is an infamous retired Pennsylvania State University football coach and convicted child molester, Jerry Sandusky. During Sandusky's trial for multiple counts of child molestation, the judge ruled that his psychiatrist could testify that his client had histrionic personality disorder.

Regarding other famous people with confirmed histrionic personality disorder symptoms and diagnosis, there don't seem to be any who publicly admit to having the disorder or who are known to have sought treatment for histrionic personality disorder. But, by playing armchair psychologist, it's easy to pinpoint some decidedly histrionic behavior patterns among the stars.

Famous People Who May Have Histrionic Personality Disorder

Megan Fox. People have labeled Fox as both a borderline and histrionic personality. Certainly, the two disorders can occur together. Like many celebrities, Fox does seem to love being the center of attention. She also sports a tattoo of another famous person suspected of having had histrionic personality disorder: Marilyn Monroe.

Jessica Simpson. A newspaper based in India published a story by Citizen Journalist, Roberto Carlos, claiming Simpson shows all the signs of histrionic personality disorder. "While people crave attention, there are others who crave for [sic] it in excess; sometimes people in reality TV shows," quipped Carlos, "...Jessica Simpson...she received attention on the MTV Reality TV Show called "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" before she left Nick to seek better opportunities."

Kim Kardashian. Her overly seductive dress, "accidentally" released self-made porn video, drama-filled romantic life, and seemingly insatiable hunger for attention make Kardashian a likely candidate for a histrionic diagnosis. As of October 2014, Kardashian was still romantically involved with rap artist, Kanye West (see below). The drama surrounding their relationship has been keeping fans up at night since they got together.

Miley Cyrus. The once wholesome pre-teen star has become an oversexed, attention-stealing machine. Her "Wrecking Ball" music video in which she appears completely nude fits the seductive dress (or undress) behavior. She regularly appears at public events and personal social gatherings in overtly seductive attire and often behaves in a manner that can only be seen as desperately attention-seeking.

Kanye West. In a recent blog post, psychologist Rachel Kitson offers her perspective on the behavior of the rap music artist. Kitson points to West's obvious attention-seeking, observing that he gets "the biggest bang for the buck" by not limiting the scope of topics he's willing to take a strong stance on with little concern about the credibility of his platform. He doesn't seem to mind if the attention he garners is good or bad because to him, it's "all good" as long as the Internet and media stays abuzz about his antics. His drama-laden romantic life also appears to fit the histrionic personality profile. Kanye is currently (as of October 2014) involved with Kim Kardashian. Kitson suggests that West may have both narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders.

Many other celebrities exhibit behaviors associated with histrionic personality disorder. It's possible that stars like Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith (deceased), Richard Simmons, Marilyn Monroe (deceased), and many others are drawn toward careers that naturally feed their attention craving personalities.

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