Three Nutrition Tips for Mental Health

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Nutrition, what you eat, can affect your mental health. Get 3 easy-to-implement nutrition tips for your mental health on HealthyPlace.

Three Nutrition Tips for Mental Health

Yes, your diet can affect your mental health. There’s a direct link between nutrition and mental health. The simpler and more convenient you make eating, the healthier you’ll eat and the better your brain will function. Every little thing you do adds up to increased mental health, including the following nutrition tips.

  1. Replace sugary drinks with water or tea. Drinks such as sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices cause blood sugar to spike and then quickly drop. This robs the brain of the steady stream of energy it needs to function well. Water is crucial for healthy brain activity and thus mental health. Try infusing it with fresh fruit or make tea, iced or hot.
  2. Make grab-&-go snack bags. Processed snacks, even ones labeled as healthy, contain refined flours, sugars, and artificial ingredients. Try making a mix of homemade granola, nuts (raw or only lightly salted are best), and dried fruits and storing them in single-serve baggies or small containers for easily accessible nutrition.  
  3. Plan at night. Most people have great intentions for healthy eating for brain and body. It can be hard to follow through, though, when stressors make it easier to grab something unhealthy. Each night devote ten minutes to planning for the next day. Think about where you’ll be, what you’ll be doing, and how you want to feel. Plan nutritious meals and snacks to sustain your brain.

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