The Third Sunrise: A Memoir of Madness

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The Third Sunrise: A Memoir of MadnessThe Third Sunrise: A Memoir of Madness

Our "Recovering From Mental Illness" blogger, Natalie Jeanne Champagne, is out with a new book - "The Third Sunrise: A Memoir of Madness." In reading the sample chapter, I found her story extremely compelling but also sad.

Natalie was hit with early-onset bipolar disorder at 12 years old. Her parents put her in a children's psychiatric hospital where she spent the next two years of her life.

"The years I spent in the hospital were absolutely terrifying. Writing about my life as a child, a child sick and confused and locked in hospitals was difficult. I did not want to believe that child was me. This is largely why I became an addict. It hurt to think of my life, of the things that I had missed, the simple things that define childhood: school and birthday parties, sports and friendship."

Young Natalie was given psychiatric medication cocktails that promised recovery from bipolar disorder - a recovery that never came. By 20, Natalie found bipolar recovery in cocaine, heroin and alcohol. In part, it provided the escape from reality she was looking for. On the other hand, living the life of an addict led to abuse and almost her own death. Her drug use went on for 5 years.

Natalie is 27 now. "I have learned to accept my past," she says.

What is it she hopes readers will get from the book?

"Allow yourself to open your eyes, your heart, and recognize that my narrative is shared. Mental illness and addiction is a human affliction and if we work to understand this, more people will seek help and more of us will share our experiences. Above all else, share your message."

Pick up a copy of Natalie's book, The Third Sunrise, on Amazon. I have a feeling you're not going to put it down.

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