Stop Letting the Winter Depression Freeze Your Happiness

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Stop Letting the Winter Depression Freeze Your Happiness

Is winter depression dragging you down? Get helpful ideas to relieve winter depression so you can feel better.Winter can be a very difficult season for those with and without a mental illness. Many people are diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) aka winter depression. Even though some tend to call it "just the winter blues", it is a serious diagnosis that if left without care, could lead to self-destructive behaviors.

Ways to Relieve Winter Depression

It can be very stressful pushing yourself out of the funk winter depression has got you stuck in. SAD light therapy is an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder. In addition, some people may need antidepressant medication to help with their winter depression.

Additionally, mindfulness may help. When you feel trapped, step back and realize you have the power to control your behaviors. Convincing yourself that you own this power can be a struggle for those who lack confidence and positivity. However, embracing and building self-motivation and self-worth can help when trying to recognize that power.

Focus on Your Happiness – Not the Weather

In addition to seeking professional treatment, take the time to discover ways to pump up your energy and increase your confidence. Try some of the following when winter depression starts kicking in:

  • Check out a new yoga, Zumba, barre fitness or kickboxing class to help your body and mind.
  • Try new recipes that will boost your energy and cleanse your system (try adding ginger, mint or herbal tea to your diet).
  • If you have a pet, spend more time playing and interacting with them – the energy animals give off can help depression.

Getting up, moving around, going outside, and exercise are all things that can help relieve your winter depression.

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