Is Having a Mental Illness a Gift?

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Perceiving Mental Illness as a Gift

Is Having a Mental Illness a Gift? | Mental illness a gift? You have to be kidding. Some perceive it that way, but is mental illness a gift you would want?Some hold up famous people and celebrities with mental illness to portray "mental illness as a gift." They claim that having a mental illness allows for an abnormally high level of creativity, artistry or ability to achieve something extraordinary. Even on, we have a list, for example, of celebrities and famous people with bipolar disorder. However, to put things in perspective, when you can only name a few people out of millions who live with bipolar disorder, is mental illness really a gift?

When you consider the effects of bipolar disorder or the effects of schizophrenia or the psychological, physical and social effects of depression or the effects of severe anxiety symptoms on the vast majority of those who deal with these conditions, I don't believe you would consider mental illness a gift.

Mental Illness: Who Wants That Gift

In the DSM-5, the key qualifier for any psychiatric disorder is it must be causing clinically significant dysfunction and/or distress. For most, mental illness carries an extraordinarily high level of suffering. Nearly 1 million people a year with mental illness attempt or complete suicide because they can no longer cope with the symptoms of mental health disorders, the loneliness, rejection and poverty.

There are some with a mental illness who are talented and/or successful. I'm wondering though, out of all those people on various lists, if you asked them face-to-face, would they consider having a mental illness "a gift"? Or you can just peruse the celebrity websites and magazines to see whose been arrested or divorced or acted reckless or checked into a psychiatric hospital or is heading to rehab. That could provide some true insight into whether or not mental illness is a gift they happily accepted.

Your Thoughts

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