Easing School-Related Separation Anxiety

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School is a common cause of separation anxiety. Get 3 suggestions on how to ease school-related separation anxiety at HealthyPlace.

Easing School-Related Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety isn't just for toddlers. Children and adults can experience separation anxiety, too; indeed, statistics indicate that approximately four- to five percent of kids and teens experience separation anxiety.

School is a common cause of separation anxiety in children, teens, and young adults who are leaving home to attend college. Being away from home can be frightening, cause excessive worry and fear, and lead to school refusal. This isn't about hating school, however. Separation anxiety is about attachment to caregivers and the sense of security that comes with it.

These suggestions might help ease school-related separation anxiety:

  • Create special rituals and routines for sending-off and welcoming home. Giving children something predictable to rely on can reduce fear. For young adults who've left home, text messages or phone calls at regular times each day can bring a sense of closeness.
  • Give him/her a bracelet, necklace or ring to wear. Not only will it be a reminder of home, but it will be something to physically manipulate and calm anxiety.
  • Help him/her identify positive things about school and find ways to be involved. Focusing on the positive reduces separation anxiety.
  • As kids and young adults realize that school doesn't replace home and caregivers, school-related separation anxiety will lessen.

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