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Hello. My name is Berdache Jordan. Welcome to Inside Intersexuality. I am labeled, medically/biologically, as an Intersexual and I am a "True Hermaphrodite" with a DNA chromosome karyotype of 46 XXXY (mosaic).

In today's society, many Transgendered or Transsexuals refer to themselves as "Intersexuals". But though their bodies may be physically altered, they are still biologically unchanged. These brave people undergo excruciating pain, lengthy treatments and expense to have their external bodies match their inner identity and spirits as women or men. These pre-operative/post-operative sexually altered individuals are often inaccurately perceived and described as hermaphrodites, or "he/she," but they are not Intersexuals or Hermaphrodites.

There are many various "intersexuals" and that term denotes people born apparently in-between what are known as "normal" (average) sexes, within a physical sense (males with male genitalia and females with female genitalia). There are those who appear to be males but are medically/biologically females, and others with female physical attributes that are medically/biologically males. There are also some who's external sex is indeterminant, as well as those of us having appearances of both, externally, and having the DNA chromosome karyotypes of both sexes.

Although I have attributes of both physical sexual extremes labeled "male" or "female", I question, as do many others, that there are two sexes only. In some scientific circles, some maintain there are five sexes. Perhaps as many as 15% of all people, to some degree, are in between "male and female" physically (intersexuals.) This is only physically! There are many millions more who are psychologically, or spiritually, born into the wrong body. There are many more who are spiritually hermaphroditic, whatever their sexual preferences or gender orientation.

This site will explore Human Gender issues, and include Human Sexual issues such as sexual identity that may differ from our apparent sexual packaging and public perceptions of those individuals.

Most importantly though, this will be a support site for Intersexuals and Parents of Intersexuals; a place where we can gather to discuss our concerns, fears, and everyday life.

There is also information for those curious about this rare physical condition. Of the great deal "known" about some causes of intersexual births, much is still only conjecture of an anomaly. Many intersexuals and medical professionals are deeply concerned with this subject, and with the present medical practice of surgically assigning a single sexual appearance to babies born intersexuals. This is done without the knowledge or consent or preference of the child, who is affected for life. In some cases, it is done without the parent's knowledge or consent.

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