What about Treatment for Eating Disorders? Answers from Texas Health Springwood Hospital

What happens when an individual seeks treatment for an eating disorder?

According to Barbara Alderete, LCSW, LPC, LMFT, an eating disorder therapist at Texas Health Springwood Hospital, an individual is scheduled for an assessment that includes screening out other mental health issues, or other danger or risk factors, then assessing the amount of the eating disorder and the specific behaviors.

Patients must be medically stable before entering the Springwood program.

A determination is made about the patients focus and preoccupation with eating, weight and body image. Does the patient restrict, binge or purge? How often does this occur?

The Springwood program is six weeks long. It meets three times a week, three hours each session. Medical clearance from the patients physician is required, and he or she is scheduled to see a dietitian outside of the program for an individualized meal plan.

Each session starts with an assessment of mood and anxiety. What coping skills they have been using? A meal diary is reviewed, and the eating habits over past couple of days are reviewed.

Cognitions behind behaviors are examined and discussed.

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