Size Zero and the Media: Not a cause, but a contributor - Developing an eating disorder

What part, if any, does the media play in relation to eating disorders? Drawing on her experiences of a severe eating disorder, Melissa Wolfe explores the role of the media in relation to her illness, examining the different impact or relationship with the media at key stages in her eating disorder.

"I developed anorexia at the age of twelve, and soon picked up bulimic behaviours, firstly, just to avoid food, and then as part of a binging and purging cycle. My experiences were severe and I had a number of hospital admissions in child and then adult wards, and acute psychiatric wards. I was severely underweight for much of this time and completely trapped in a pattern of starvation and chronic binging."

Melissa's blog about her life can be found here:

She spoke as a part of the Gresham College lecture on 'Eating Disorders' on the 13th of February 2010 at the Museum of London. The full transcript, video and audio are available free from the Gresham College website: