video blog

Gotta dance? A quick video of my "tap room" and thoughts on "wanting vs. needing" to be active and how I am getting my groove back after dancing started losing the FUN.
I just came back from the Academy of Eating Disorders international conference in Salzburg. To my chagrin, one thing I discovered is that eating disorder treatment professionals around the world can't agree on eating disorder terminology. They still use different terms to describe the same thing, and it makes discussing eating disorders very confusing.
Ever wonder about the skeleton in my family's closet? Watch this eating disorder video about Dexter, an eating disorder stand-in for my future documentary. He's going to help us separate our children from the eating disorder.
Many books I find helpful in dealing with eating disorders aren't about eating disorders. Watch this video for ideas on literature that helps with eating disorders even though it doesn't intend to do it.