You Are Not Alone in Addiction Recovery

February 24, 2022 Kayla Davidson

I remember when I first came across the HealthyPlace blog site. I was about three months into living a whole new life, alcohol-free, and feeling alone. I was working as a Case Manager, juggling two classes for my Master's program while trying to enjoy the beauty Hawaii has to offer. In other words, I kept myself very distracted and away from any temptation to drink

I found HealthyPlace while searching for a platform to help me feel less alone with my reasons for sobriety. I have a large circle of close family and friends who have provided me with love and support, yet I still felt misunderstood. HealthyPlace has given me the comfort and understanding I needed all along. Once I began reading other people's stories and experiences, I knew I was never alone in addiction recovery or with my mental health issues

Community Keeps You from Being Alone in Addiction Recovery

Watch this video about how a sense of community can help your mental health.

My ultimate purpose with this blog and sharing my honest experience with alcohol abuse and mental health issues is to provide a safe space for others similar to me to feel less alone. I encourage you to speak about your struggles with friends, family, a therapist, a stranger, or even myself because community and conversation are another way to heal your wounds and progress in your addiction recovery journey. 

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Author: Kayla Davidson

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