Introduction to Kayla Davidson, Author of ‘Debunking Addiction’

January 7, 2022 Kayla Davidson

My name is Kayla Davidson, and I am more than excited to start my journey with HealthyPlace on the Debunking Addiction blog. I believe I have some wonderful insight on the topic of addiction and mental health. Like many others in the world, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life. It wasn’t until my later adult years that I realized the connection between those disorders and my alcohol abuse. I am the youngest of four children and was raised by a single, hardworking mother. My father has been a chronic alcoholic my entire life, and far before then. I grew up watching most people in my life use alcohol or drugs to cope with life, or even just to feel confident in their own skin. For many years, I did the same thing. Once I started diving into personal development work, I became self-aware of my own drinking issues and wanted to change.

Kayla Davidson’s History with Alcohol Abuse

I began drinking at a very young age, and for many years I lived in a cycle of binge drinking for several days in a row, followed by crippling anxiety and deep depressive thoughts. I used alcohol to feel more confident and social, and to simply fit in. It was all I knew. Every relationship in my life was based around my alcohol addiction. I was deeply depressed and unmotivated, yet I knew I had more potential within me. During my time in my undergraduate program, I found myself to be very interested in mental health because it helped me better understand myself and feel more connected with who I really am, apart from the drinking. I found my passion and have decided to dedicate my life to personal growth in hopes of one day helping others become their best selves.

As I started my master’s program for Mental Health Counseling and became more educated on mental health disorders and treatment options, I had a deep desire to change my own ways. I slowly started learning new coping skills, such as journaling, reading self-help books, and meditation, and the self-awareness I have gained has changed my life.

Kayla Davidson’s Journey to Self-Improvement

Once I started recognizing the damaging effects my binge-drinking episodes had on my mental, physical, and spiritual health, I became excited to start making changes. I dedicated nearly eight months to sobriety, goal setting, and hard-core self-improvement. I have read many books on personal development, listened to hundreds of podcasts for personal growth, have incorporated meditation, journaling, and solo phone-less walks into my daily routine. I have built many wonderful and deep connections and friendships with others and myself.

Learn more about my past issues with alcohol and where I am today in this video:

Although I still occasionally drink, I do it mindfully. I am fully aware this is not the case for many people in recovery, but it has worked for me. I am excited to share some of my experiences and stories with the world in the hope of showing others out there, who struggle with alcohol use or substance use disorders, that they are not alone and there is hope for creating a better, happier life.

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Author: Kayla Davidson

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January, 7 2022 at 9:20 am

Debunking Addiction, what a great topic! Super excited to read more from you, Kayla. I resonate really hard with this topic and can tell you will have many insightful and tangible tips for people on the road to recovery!

January, 10 2022 at 1:40 pm

Thank you, Hannah! This truly means so much to me. I look forward to sharing more writing on the topic of addiction and recovery. Stay tuned for more of my work and always feel free to reach out.

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