Gastric Surgery

If you undergo weight loss surgery, you need to set realistic expectations. When I first started considering gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in order to help treat my binge eating disorder, I didn't have realistic expectations for the weight loss surgery. My goals and my thinking had to be adjusted to suit reality. 
There are always going to be unexpected effects from anything, but there can be some unexpected effects from gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. Whether you get it to help you deal with binge eating disorder or not, this surgery will have a huge impact on what you eat, how you eat, and many other parts of your life. Here are some of the unexpected effects from gastric sleeve surgery.
Break out the party hats, today marks my three year anniversary of getting gastric sleeve weight loss surgery and taking control of my binge eating disorder. I can truly say that the last three years have been my most successful in so many areas when it comes to my eating disorder and my body. I'm so grateful for my gastric sleeve weight loss surgery anniversary and being achieve as much as I have since then.
A reader wanted to know about my recovery from gastric sleeve surgery for binge eating disorder. Here is a quick post about my recovery and the immediate diet following it. It wasn't easy, to say the least, but by following doctor's orders and taking it easy, I had a complication-free road to recovery and a great start to my new life as a sleever. Stay tuned for more of my experience with gastric sleeve surgery recovery and how it helped me with my binge eating disorder.
I wrote previously about my experience with gastric sleeve weight loss surgery for binge eating disorder. Now I'm going to go into a little more detail about my experience and how this changed my prognosis of binge eating disorder. Although gastric surgery is a huge decision and certainly not right for everyone, it can be an awesome tool used to treat this very serious eating disorder.
In 2012, my weight was out of control, my eating was out of control, and I had failed every diet that I had been on in the last 20 years, including a starvation diet. I was lost as to what to do next. But I went to an informational session for bariatric surgery, and let's just say, it changed my life.
My name is Star LaBranche and I'm so excited to be writing for the new blog, Binge Eating Recovery. I've struggled with my weight and body image my entire life. Although my eating problems went unnoticed for years, I was finally diagnosed with overeating and food addiction (now known as binge eating disorder) a few years ago. Since then, it's been a journey of discovery to find a way to eat, be healthy and feel comfortable in my own skin. It hasn't been easy and there are always setbacks, but I'm on the right path.