My Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Journey Is Not Comparable

April 14, 2016 Star LaBranche

A significant part of society functions by comparing things to similiar things and when you are on a binge eating disorder journey, you quickly become aware just how incomparable these journeys are (Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Is A Personal Journey). Sometimes your recovery is going extremely well and sometimes you have a relapse. Regardless of how your recovery is going, it's completely unhelpful to be informed how someone else is doing better or worse than you are. My binge eating disorder recovery journey is not comparable to others.

When You're on A Binge Eating Recovery Journey and You Get Compared

Remember this about your binge eating disorder recovery: it is not comparable to another's recovery. BED recovery journeys differ for everyone. Check this out.When you're on a binge eating disorder recovery journey, people want to compare you to others they know with eating disorders, sometimes not even the same one. Much to my utter confusion, someone once told me my recovery is going much better than a friend who deals with anorexia nervosa. I can only hope the person didn't then go to this friend and announce I was doing better than her at that moment in time.

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Journeys Are Individual, Not Comparable

It's human nature to use shorthand and attempt to make sense of the world by using previous similar experiences. But when it comes to a binge eating disorder journey, you don't need to compare anyone to anyone else. Although binge eating disorder has to have certain commonalities in order to be diagnosed, this doesn't mean that everyone's binge eating disorder comes in the same shape or form.

Some people might struggle with the relapses throughout their lives, others will not. Often times the severity of the disorder will range. Treatment options also range. Whereas I was able to get gastric sleeve weight loss surgery to treat my binge eating disorder, this might not be an available or viable option for everyone.

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Journeys Need to Be Respected, Not Compared

Even though it's tempting to want to compare people, and even compare yourself to others, when you're on a binge eating recovery journey, it's important to remember this is neither productive or helpful. Everyone will face different circumstances and issues in their recovery and that's not something to worry about. Just because your recovery doesn't look exactly like someone else's doesn't mean that you're not recovering or recovering correctly.

For all the information we have on how to recover from binge eating disorder, we don't need to compare ourselves to others or take heed when others compare us. Our recoveries are important and deeply personal.

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