Selfies Helped My Damaged Body Image

February 29, 2016 Star LaBranche

After years of dealing with binge eating disorder my body image became damaged, but taking selfies helped my damaged body image. After believing my body was unacceptable and my eating was the direct cause of its shape and form, I had started a long campaign of self-hatred directed at my body. Now, I look at my body as capable of more than imperfection and taking selfies helped me with my body image journey.

Selfies When My Body Image Was Damaged

When I first started taking selfies, my body image was already damaged. In my early 20s I
was at the height of my starvation diets, and after losing a significant amount of weight, I started to take photos of myself. But these photos were never good enough. I could never be thin enough or look just right. I didn't want to be in photos, for the most part. If I needed a picture, I would take 60 photos and come away with one "good" one because it passed my ruthless test.

Selfies When I Was Starting to Heal My Damaged Body Image

Selfies helped me come to terms with my damaged body image. Although selfies have a negative reputation, they helped me rebuild my body image. Take a look.

As the years moved on, I became more aware of just how damaged my body image was and how much pictures were impacting me. So, I rebelled against my own rules. I started taking photos of myself no matter what I looked liked. I would use what people would term "bad photos" in my scrapbooking. People wouldn't dare me to post an unflattering photo on social media but I would.

I realized that photographs aren't the enemy. They're not there to make fun of me or make me feel bad. I was doing that all by myself. I look how I look and there are angles that don't flatter me and times I get weird expressions on my face. But, more importantly, all of that is fine. I don't need to look like a supermodel in photos to be someone of value.

Selfies With A Healed Body Image

Now that I've made tremendous progress with my damaged body image, I take lots of selfies. I like to take them in the morning, after getting dressed, as a way of showing the world I am ready to go. Although I don't take one every morning, I use it to remember something special about that day. Either I had something big to do that I was excited about or I was wearing a new article of clothing or I felt good and wanted to share that with someone.

Selfies Can Help with Damaged Body Image, They're Not Automatically Unhealthy

When I talk about how selfies helped heal my damaged body image, some people immediately think I'm exhibiting narcissist behavior and now I'm obsessed with my reflection. Hardly. Although lots of people have a negative view of selfies, the act of taking photos of myself has really helped me come to terms with my body when I've always had problems with it.

There are lots of ways you can make peace with your body. Photographs helped me. Try it out and see if it helps you.

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