Bipolar and Hypersexuality: Sex and My Emotions

Today I’m talking about hypersexuality and bipolar disorder and how I’m affected by hypersexuality.

Many of the uninitiated view hypersexuality as wanting to just have a lot of sex with anyone. One of the biggest indicators that my mental health was declining before my bipolar breakdown in college relates to my hypersexual behavior. It has little to do with the number of sexual partners and more to do with my emotions regarding sex. There was a coldness about me, and I treated sex more as an object rather than an action with meaning behind it. In this video, I share my personal experience with hypersexual behavior before treatment for bipolar 2 disorder.

Hypersexuality is defined differently by people with bipolar disorder. I explain it based on my experience as a young adult who is actively dating. I have not been married or in a relationship that lasted over three years. It is important we share our thoughts about hypersexuality as it relates to living with bipolar disorder and how it affects relationships.

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