Is There a Link between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Panic Disorder?

Is there a relationship between chronic fatigue syndrome and panic attacks?Q. Over a two-year period, I've suffered from three hospitalised episodes of paralytic ileum (2), a panic attack and presently have signs of chronic fatigue such as joint/muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, restless sleep for the past two months. Has there been any "speculation" about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Panic attacks being interrelated?

A. We are not sure what paralytic ileum is so we cannot assist you with this. In answer to your question about Chronic Fatigue and panic attacks : as far as we are aware there isn't any speculation about CFS and Panic Attacks within the main stream literature, but there certainly is speculation about the link with many people with Panic Disorder! But Panic Disorder is very precise in its experience of uncued panic attacks. As you would know, the attack can be very 'violent' and people do feel as if they are going to die or lose control in some way. People with Panic Disorder also have joint/muscle pain, flu-like symptoms and restless sleep, but the sleep disturbances are usually a result of anxiety over having another attack or people will be woken from sleep with an attack. There is also no doubt people do become extremely exhausted, but exercise actually helps people overcome this.

There was a report last week in the media here in Australia that researchers in the USA have now found the virus/bacteria which causes Chronic Fatigue and people are being treated successfully with antibiotics. This in itself demonstrates that CF and PD are two discrete disorders.

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