The Author of the Book

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia and Anxiety Disorders: The Caregivers

Information For Support People, Family and Friends

Ken Strong

Ken Strong is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. During his 35-year teaching career, he has published widely in the fields of Science Education, Forensics and Herpetology.

His books are based upon his personal experiences as both a past sufferer of panic attacks and a long-time role as a support person to those with panic attacks. As the maintainer of this multi-award winning Caregiver's site, Ken has been in close contact with hundreds of people who had the disease and an equally large number of families who were both looking for and willing to share information. These books, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS AND AGORAPHOBIA - Information For Support People, Family and Friends and Anxiety Disorders: The Caregivers reflects their needs and advice.

From the Preface to the Second Edition:

"The tremendous response to the 1st edition indicated there was a definite need for this information. Your comments and letters of encouragement have made the whole project more than worthwhile. Many have gone so far as to say the material in the text was a God-send and had made a large difference in their lives. What more could those involved in writing this book ask for?" Ken

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