Video on Anxiety and Treating Anxiety Disorders

People suffering from anxiety don ´t always get all the information needed from their doctor or therapist in order to effectively manage their anxiety symptoms. In this anxiety video, our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show, Kate White, shares what it's like living day-to-day with anxiety and depression, how therapy, medications and self-help techniques have improved her quality of life, and the difficulty in getting others to understand what she's going through. Plus she answers audience questions.

Treating Anxiety Video

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About Kate White, Our Guest on the Anxiety Video

Kate WhiteKate White is a 28 year old writer-photographer, she is also a poet and poltico. Kate was diagnosed with depression when she was 14, since then she has also dealt with anxiety.

You can visit Kate's Treating Anxiety Blog here at HealthyPlace, where she writes about how she faces anxiety in her daily life.

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