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Inter Dependence:
Self-Therapy For People Who ENJOY Learning About Themselves

About 30 years ago John, a coworker, suggested that I attend a workshop in Chicago "to learn about myself." The idea was frightening to me back then, so I made some quick excuses.

John didn't buy any of my excuses. He just looked straight at me - or was it through me - and said: "Don't be afraid to grow, Tony."

I attended that workshop to show I wasn't scared - and I have been all but obsessed by all the powerful methods of therapy, self-therapy, self-help, and self-care ever since.

Because of John I have acquired, collected, used in my practice, and used on myself a massive amount of information about how we can help ourselves psychologically.

I never would have learned any of this without my coworker's gutsy statement to me that day..... but I don't even remember his last name.

In a way I'm working on these pages to pay John back for his kindness - through you.

So, please, look me in straight in the cyber-eye right now and let me suggest to you powerfully and sincerely: "Don't be afraid to grow!"



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