Tracking Your Mental Health Is Centering and Empowering

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Tracking your mental health is a simple yet effective way to help you take charge of, and improve, your mental health. Read more on HealthyPlace.

Tracking Your Mental Health Is Centering and Empowering

Living with any mental illness can be discouraging. Have you ever wondered, “Will I ever get better?” or, “How do I heal?” Questions like these are often overwhelming when you don’t know the answer.  Tracking your mental health is a simple yet effective way to make you feel more centered and empowered to take charge of yourself and your life.

Tracking helps you see what your brain and body, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are doing. You can look for patterns and broaden your perspective. In your mood tracker or mental health journal, keep a record of things such as:

  • The symptom
  • What time you’re feeling it
  • Your circumstances
  • How long it lasted
  • What you did to help it improve
  • Medication you’re taking, doses you accidentally miss, how meds are impacting your symptoms
  • Your nutrition, what you’re eating and drinking and how these influence your moods
  • Situations that worsen your symptoms and those that relieve them
  • The amount of sleep you’re getting, and what habits you form to increase your sleep quality

While tracking any aspect of your mental health arms you with information so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, over-tracking can increase stress and anxiety. Start by selecting just one thing to monitor.

Tracking gives you insight into your mental health so you can reduce problems and increase wellness.

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"Wake up, smile and tell yourself: 'Today is my day'."

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