How to Deal with Intense Emotions

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Dealing with intense emotions can be challenging. Learn 3 practical ways to deal with intense emotions at HealthyPlace

How to Deal with Intense Emotions

Dealing with intense emotions can be challenging. After all, feelings are a big part of being human. Sometimes, these feelings spiral out of control, and we don’t know how to deal with them (Get Control Over Your Emotions and Respond Wisely).

Intense emotions can be part of not just mood disorders but almost every mental illness and personality disorder that people can experience.

A tidal wave of intense emotions can threaten to drown people. But there are ways to deal with them and stay afloat.

  • Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. (Usually) well-meaning people might tell you to cheer up, smile, don’t worry, calm down, etc. You might try to talk yourself out of your feelings, too, because you feel like you “shouldn’t” have them. Thank these others, and yourself, for the input, and then just go ahead and feel the way you do.
  • Rather than thinking of your emotions as “good” or “bad,” simply let them be what they are. Emotions aren’t value judgements.
  • Refrain from reacting. When your feelings are strong, just be with them. Once, they’ve subsided, you’ll be in a position to take rational action.

Above all, accept yourself and your feelings. Rather than fight intense emotions, feel. And then you’ll be in a place to keep moving forward. When you deal with your feelings, they have a way of shrinking so they no longer consume you.

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