How Brain Dehydration Affects Your Mental Health

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Summer is here, and with it, heat and the possibility of brain dehydration. Discover how brain dehydration affects your mental health on HealthyPlace.

How Brain Dehydration Affects Your Mental Health

Summer is here, and with it, heat and the possibility of brain dehydration.

Hot temperatures cause us to sweat. When fluids seep out of our pores rather than circulating through our brain, we risk brain dehydration. Even mild brain dehydration has a negative impact on the brain and our mental health (Three Ways Hydration Can Affect Your Mental Health).

Water comprises a whopping 75% of the human brain (leaving only 25% for everything else, which is pretty mind-boggling). Clearly, the brain requires water to operate well. When our brain is dehydrated, we risk mental health difficulties like these:

  • Mood changes, including intensification of mood disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Increased effects of stress
  • Muddled and/or negative thoughts
  • Difficulty focusing, concentrating, and paying attention
  • Brain fog; short-term and working memory problems
  • Delirium (in cases of severe dehydration)

Hydrate Your Brain for a Mental Health Boost

It’s true: you can reduce these life-limiting issues and boost your overall mental health simply by drinking water. The recommended amount varies based on age, weight, climate, and activity level.

General guidelines apply to everyone. Drink at least 8 oz of water when you wake up in the morning, and drink it regularly throughout the day. Also, stick to water. Soda, caffeinated, and sugary beverages contribute to mental health problems.

To stay well and enjoy the summer months and every season of the year, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water to keep your brain healthy and happy.

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