Attempted Suicide

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Attempted Suicide

On this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show (see below), our guest Paula discusses her two previous suicide attempts stemming from severe depression that started when she was a child. Today, she is very thankful that her suicide attempts were unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, mental illness and suicide go hand-in-hand. People with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and alcoholism face a disproportionately high rate of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

A 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association article cites a study showing many people who attempt suicide want to get away from a bad life situation and want relief from:

  • Bad thoughts or feelings
  • Feeling ashamed, guilty, or feeling of being a burden to others
  • Feeling like a victim
  • Feelings of rejection, loss, or loneliness

And 10% of those who attempt suicide, eventually succeed.

On the HealthyPlace website, we have plenty of excellent information about suicide.

Finally, one thing I do want to mention here, there's an old myth that if you talk to someone about suicide, that you may be planting those thoughts in their mind. Because of this, many people are afraid to speak to a possibly suicidal loved one or friend about their concerns. Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft, addresses that in this video - "Talking About Suicide with the Suicidal Person".


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"Attempted Suicide: Back From the Brink" on HealthyPlace TV

Paula felt so bad, she tried to kill herself not once, but twice; first at age 10 with pills, then a few years ago with a gunshot to the chest. Why she did it and how things dramatically changed for Paula on this week's HealthyPlace Mental Health TV Show. (TV Show blog)

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