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"That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger"

It's a quote from German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. It came to mind when I heard Japan's Prime Minister speaking of the calamity unfolding in his country; reflecting that "if the nation works together, we shall overcome."

But does adversity always make us stronger? The answer is "no". Research has shown that each person has their own individual level of tolerance when it comes to adversity. And, in this instance, age does make a difference.

Young children who face high levels of stress are prone to depression, anxiety, and personality disorders as they grow up.

On the flip side, a study in the October 2010 Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that people who had experienced a few adverse events in their lives reported better mental health and well-being than people with a history of frequent adversity and people with no history of misfortune.

When it comes to resiliency, the researchers found age, personality characteristics and social support systems had no measurable impact on the relationship between adversity and mental health.

According to the research, people with 2-4 adverse events in their lives cope better than those who have no experience with adversity.

At the same time, higher levels of adversity, the study found, can overtax coping skills and support networks, creating feelings of hopelessness and loss of control, disrupting the development of toughness and taking a toll on mental health and well-being. Under those circumstances, the researchers note, even the most minor hassles can seem overwhelming.


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