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Binge Eating Disorder (also referred as compulsive overeating) is the most common eating disorder affecting Americans. People with binge eating disorder frequently eat large amounts of food and they feel they have no control over this behavior.

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Chevese Turner, founder and CEO of the Binge Eating Disorder Association, was our guest on the HealthyPlace Mental Health TV show. We discussed her struggle with binge eating, the difference between overeating and binge eating (compulsive overeating), binge eating disorder treatment, and the importance of her organization.

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About Our Guest, Chevese Turner:

Chevese Turner

Recognizing the need for an organization to advocate on behalf of affected individuals and the providers who treat them, as a binge eating disordered individual herself, Chevese Turner founded the Binge Eating Disorder Association in June 2008. BEDA is a national organization focusing on increased prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for binge eating disorder.

Visit the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) website.

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